My Straight Hair for 4 Months of Braids

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My Straight Hair for 4 Months of Braids

Post by Marchqueen on Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:10 am

There was a time when i would do anything to have straight frizzy hair. Growing up in a predominantly bright environment, I didn't desire to look different from my friends. So , to blend in, When i tricked myself into sensing the false narrative this straight hair was the solo most beautiful hairstyle. Throughout graduating high school, I flat-ironed my frizzy cheap bundles of brazilian hair every day. But after some years, I was left together with severely heat-damaged hair along with major breakage. I resorted to wearing extensions, imagining it was my only preference. I hated my normal hair so much that I can't bear to see it now days.

After I graduated college, When i occasionally ditched the aparatus but I still would not go out without flat-ironing very own bundles of human hair. I never flaunted my curls but My partner and i became more comfortable with them as i finally tried wearing our natural 3 bundles of hair for a 7-day period last year. So , in Strut, I decided that I wanted to test wearing box braids - one of my New Year's resolutions was to let go of society's standard image of splendor that had been ingrained into this subconscious and to try hairdos completely outside my usual routine.

Box braids carry sturdy cultural ties deeply seated in Africa. The style have been worn by women with Namibia and the Nile Vly as far back as 3500 B. Chemical. The look gained more attraction in the '90s with Jesse Jackson's iconic box braids in her 1993 flick, Poetic Justice, and popular like Beyoncé rock these today.

Still, we stay in a time when black females jobs can be threatened just for wearing braids that are regarded "unprofessional. " I informed myself that box braids are a beloved style traditions that have been embraced by the black color community for years and I was going to take part in it.

So I thought you would get box braids the first time ever and it was one of the better decisions I've ever made.


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