Our Tangled World of Hair

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Our Tangled World of Hair

Post by Marchqueen on Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:34 am

Good hair bundles purely natural. Curly. Straight. Processed. Silkener. Dreads. Good hair. Nappy hair. Wigs. Today we are exploring the world of hair, your billion-dollar industry.

For all their complexities, brazilian hair is an fundamental element in the New York-based specialit Tasha Dougé’s work “This Land is OUR Area. ” We spoke ready about the piece, and the area between history, art, head of hair, and identity.

What impressed you to create “This Land”?

The inspiration came from the very phrase “Make America Fantastic Again. ” O. P., so we’re going to make U . s great… When was it all great? Who made it very good? Who was it great for? Once you answer these questions, you are going to have a slew of reviews. When I think about this nation overall, it wouldn’t be actually is now without the contributions involving enslaved Africans. I wanted to learn how I could convey situation of slaves in a way that has not been done before. With less thought, the image of the U . s citizens flag came to mind. And after that I thought: “Oh, I’m will make the American flag by using good march queen hair bundles. ” Then I wanted to replace the stars together with cotton.

The hair I made use of was synthetic braiding locks in different shades (black, black, brown, gray) that I ordered online. There were times which was exhausted, because I actually work 9 to 5. She seemed to be definitely a task as jane is 5 feet by 2 feet. I thought to by myself that I could have walked at a distance at any given point considering that no one knows she is all around, but “no” kept total in my head, because very own ancestors didn’t give up. And the pain was nowhere nearby my pain. So if I currently am going to pay homage so that you can my ancestors, I need to undertake right by them as well as this task. I reference their, Justice, as my lucky burden to carry. When you could be speaking truth that people you should not want to hear, that can be hard.

I used a braiding technique of elongating the braid without creating a new braid. It was a technique that I received watched for years of getting mine bundles with closure braided in African-american hair shops. Once I became done with all the strands, quite a few 15 feet long, When i stitched them to chicken setup.

The final touch was stitches on the balls of egyptian cotton instead of stars. I wanted just about every element of that flag to acquire some type of representation: The red stripes speak to the numerous spectrum of color we live (light-skinned slaves were the home and darker slaves happen to be in the field); and we are typically interwoven in that trauma about skin tone; the gray represents time of oppression and it may be ongoing; the black container represents the black expertise exclusive to this country. You will discover something very unique about the connection with black people in America. Cotton is absolutely what spearheaded slavery first.


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