Can Dark Girls Wear Blonde Hair?

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Can Dark Girls Wear Blonde Hair?

Post by Marchqueen on Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:58 am

Simply no Seriously, Can They??.... I Mean, Are we able to???

As a dark girl, That i felt self conscious about crazy Human Hair Extensions, I even thought sick and tired of it at one reason for my life, but now a days and nights I'm fascinated by it, After all its golden, and vivid, then again so is natural brazilian hair bundles but I digress.. I took a person of polish lineage among the general public (including schokohäutige girls like myself )to see what they thought of individual. Most people ( meaning 81% ) felt that darker girls look just as good at blonde hair than any race or shade with color, in fact many people talked about they enjoyed the difference of colors of blonde plus brown skin. A Colombian gentleman said he really enjoyed contrasting colors of a ladies beauty, and he preferred soft skinned women in his state with jet black curly malaysian curly hair just as well as Dark skinned women with bright and/ or blonde hair..

Be prepared,!!........ Now lets arrive at the 20 percent that were never favorable. Truthfully the twenty percent that were not favorable were definitely ALL dark girls…that’s appropriate, every last one of them. Making it very say that this seems skewed, what I mean is, i requested since it was all shadowy girls. whether these darker girls think its less attractive because of their own self intelligence? Or is it really the direction they feel objectively. Well As i went back to every single shadowy skinned girl that believed it was not becoming of our tone shade to wear blonde scalp and asked her to reply the question again from your objective view ( to paraphrase as if she wasn't a new dark skinned girl...... i always gotta say is REALLLLLY HARD to do. )......

RESULTS: I had some really long stopages, followed by a deep air as if a response was returning and then hesitation, which was pursued by another long pause. The final results were that 40 por 100to of the girls took any middle of the road posture in saying that if they are a it from just outside of them selves, they think dark females can look just as wonderful with blonde bundles of march queen hair. In addition they agreed that no matter what, the woman should wear what ever your lover wants and what ever your lover finds as beautiful, due to the fact that beauty is outlined by her.

The other 60 per cent however stood strong, i will add that these were really tough Afrocentric sisters that do not even want to wear charcoal queen hair bundles extensions much more blonde models.. they unanimously thought this blonde bundles with closure belonged at who ever grew it particular heads............ I'd like to add that well known women had nips together with tucks (like breast augmentations etc) So When I spoken those plastic surgery procedures seeing that not being grown on their physiques naturally, I was either 1) dismissed, 2) told the fact that "it was different" or simply in one woman's case, obtaining no defense at all: the woman just walked away, shook her head and mentioned "Chile Please, i got things do"... lol......

So and that is all there is to it, if you ever wondered what people look into it, now you know, yet I think what i learned almost all was that "i should give a care what people think", I'm ordering 10 in blonde for a cute kevin... because as i walked approximately asking what people think, My spouse and i came to realize over time, THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE DON'T THINK AT ALL, they just simply say what they assume some others would say.... Beauty set in my eye, because i just behold it..


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