Five Tips To Make Curls Last Longer

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Five Tips To Make Curls Last Longer

Post by liu123 on Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:54 am

Can you make your beautiful and ok curls last all day? Right here are 5 tips to help you.

1 . Let Curls Cool Down
Trendy curls down and set just before letting it go is an effective strategy to get your curls to stay. Protected each fresh curl (still keeping the curl shape) using a clip or a bobby code. Heat will be transferred upon the hair strands if you shower hair around the curling in terms of iron. Therefore , the shape of head of hair will be changed, weave hair . So , to make your curls last longer, you’re able to cool your pinned crimp. Once it is cooled down, it will eventually eventually allow the cuticle to close and put in place.

2 . Use proper hair products
You can browse some right hair solutions to help hold the curls on longer. You can apply handful of mousse prior to drying flowing hair, or simply spray hairspray before curling, hair weave , depending what works with the hair.

Before applying locks products, you should do warm protectant.

Don’t hold the hairspray too close to your hair.

3. Invest in good hot curly hair tools
High quality hot curly hair tools damage your hair a lesser amount of, they heat up better, bundles of hair , in addition to good quality irons will last one a very long time.

4. Use the best barrel size
It is very important to discover the right barrel size. You can go using a 1″ or 1.5″ barrel, depending on your tresses. With a right size, often the curls not only look better but probably last longer.

5. Trim scalp
As we know, overly damaged curly hair (including split ends) does not necessarily curl well. At this time, human hair weave , you’re able to trim it.


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