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How To Remove Your Wigs Without Damaging Hair

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How To Remove Your Wigs  Without Damaging Hair Empty How To Remove Your Wigs Without Damaging Hair

Post by liu123 Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:44 am

Some stocking cap weave is often a quick hair weave. Hence, many people like placing them on their head. However , the majority don’t know how to remove any stocking cap weave not having damaging their natural head of hair, malaysian curly hair .

When pieces of your interlace start to fall out, it’s enough time to remove the weave cap. After all this, the glue used to paste the weave to the max is breaking down and no much longer has enough hold to barefoot to keep the weave joined. In others words, deep wave weave ,the very glue that has seeped right through to your natural hair is usually breaking down as well, making it easier to eliminate.

Place your fingers within the lace cap carefully. Do the program your head starting at your your forehead and working backward. You must pull it very, extremely slowly since you never know when the glue has seeped from the cap and stuck on your hair.

Continue pulling limit from natural hair until it eventually is completely removed. While towing the place that the cap is stuck to your hair, brazilian hair weave ,you should with care until the glue breaks. Desire pull hard or having any amount of force, for those operations will damage your current natural hair.

Use making clear shampoo to wash your healthy hair, and then give it some sort of deep conditioning treatment, hair weave styles ,along with brush your hair. If the paste still exists, you can do this again process to remove all history of glue from your crown.


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