Difference Between Hot and Cold Fusion

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Difference Between Hot and Cold Fusion

Post by liu123 on Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:09 am

Weaves are prevalent in now, for they not only will make statements about their self-image but will also can hide hair loss coming from diseases. Although braidless skills can tend to appear even more natural, brazilian hair weave ,most users decide fusion techniques since they usually tend to last longer. However , if not properly apply fusion techniques, strands of hair will get damaged.

Hot Combination Technique

African-American people should choose heat-based methods simply create a stronger bond and are generally ideal for black hair formation. And, silica fusion would be the newest hot fusion tactic which can last between few months and a year. Silica running, available in four sizes enjoy large, medium, small and extra-small, hair weave styles ,can be applied using heat-based and non-heat-based methods. Silica methods take from a couple of to six hours to put on.

Cold Fusion Technique

African-American woman with thinning hair may choose keratin, a cold fusion process. And keratin can be used for folks with thin hair. Keratin-based polymer is used to attachment hair to extensions by using00 particular fusion technique. Cold-fused extensions can be applied tightly to the scalp which is not the truth for heat-fused extensions while there is not any heat involved. Consequently , if offers an aesthetically desirable solution to African-American women utilizing alopecia. Cold fusion is maintained between three and four months. MarchQueen ,Freezing fusion takes three to help six hours to apply by professionals. Do not leave extensions several an extended amount of time. Otherwise, avoid will occur.


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